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Kimberley Summers - The Holistic Photographer UK

As a Holistic practitioner myself, I completely understand the importance of putting yourself out into the world and reaching out to clients in a way that is business like, but still extremely personable and authentic. I love working with small Holistic businesses to capture images that tell the story of who they are and what they have to offer to the world. 


Business Shoots

When capturing images for your business, I hold an exploration session with you to understand your offerings and discuss how we can best tell your story. Imagery is extremely important when providing the world with an insight into your work and your personality which is something this sits deeply with me - I have the passion and vision to create this for you. 

Within each of my packages I provide an excellent range of images to include portraits, storytelling, textures and objects and scenery. All can be used for your website, brochures and unique social media posts. 


Holistic Events and Ceremonial Gatherings

Holistic event photography transcends the boundaries of traditional documentation, weaving a narrative that captures not just the outward moments, but the inner essence of an experience. It's an artful blend of storytelling and mindfulness, where the photographer becomes a silent observer, attuned to the energy and emotions that course through the event. Every frame becomes a brushstroke in a larger canvas, painting a holistic picture of the atmosphere, connections, and emotions that shape the occasion. The focus isn't solely on the staged scenes, but also on the candid exchanges, the unguarded smiles, and the unspoken connections that reveal the true heartbeat of the event. In this realm, the photographs become more than visual records; they become windows into the holistic tapestry of human connection and shared experience.

As a photographer tasked with capturing the essence of holistic events, my lens becomes an extension of my own presence, tuned into the subtleties that paint the true tapestry of the ceremony. I step into each moment with a heightened awareness, seeking to encapsulate not just the physical details, but the intangible energies that shape the atmosphere. The exchange of glances, the touch of hands, and the resonance of shared laughter all become integral notes in the symphony I aim to compose through imagery. I focus on the genuine interactions and unguarded emotions that breathe life into the event, aiming to freeze these ephemeral fragments of time into lasting treasures. Through my photographs, I strive to not only document the ceremony but to encapsulate the soul of the occasion, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the holistic journey and feel the echoes of its significance.

festival photographer in the UK
So whether you are looking for a Photographer to capture your Sacred Ceremonies, Holistic Event or Holistic Business, I deeply understand the importance of the space being held and I could be just the right person to document magical transformations and connections. 

With so many accessible Holistic events taking place, designed to support healing, togetherness and spiritual community, why wouldnt we want to document this magic....

Please click HERE to download my Holistic Photographer Brochure which includes pricing for Business Shoots and Holistic Events. 

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