“Photography is a response that has to do with the momentary recognition of things. Suddenly you’re alive. A minute later there was nothing there. I just watched it evaporate. You look one moment and there’s everything, next moment it’s gone. Photography is very philosophical.” 

Joel Meyerowitz

Female Photographer Shropshire | Spiritual Photographer Shropshire
Photography wields an extraordinary power, freezing fleeting moments into eternal fragments of time. Through its lens, emotions are immortalized, stories are whispered, and the ordinary is elevated to the extraordinary. Beyond its technical mechanics lies its true magic: the ability to evoke, to connect, and to transcend. Photography captures not just light, but the essence of human experience, offering a window into cultures, landscapes, and souls. It bears witness to history and paints the portraits of dreams. With each click, it turns seconds into stories and silence into symphonies, reminding us that a single image can resonate louder than words and echo across generations.
Kimberley Summers Photography | Female Photographer Shropshire
Kimberley Summers Photography | Spiritual Photographer UK

The Holistic Photographer

In the realm of captured light and frozen moments lies an art form that transcends mere representation, reaching deep into the recesses of human experience. Photography, more than a mere arrangement of pixels or emulsion, is a portal through which the intangible facets of our existence find their reflection. It has the power to intertwine with holistic settings, acting as a catalyst for profound transformation in how individuals perceive themselves and the world around them.

At its core, photography is an exploration of perception. It is a dance between the photographer's eye and the subject's essence, a tango of light and shadow that immortalizes the fleeting. Just as each individual possesses a unique perspective on life, the camera becomes an extension of the soul, capturing fragments of existence from an artist's singular vantage point.

In the tapestry of holistic settings, where mind, body, and spirit converge, photography takes on a transformative role. A single photograph can encapsulate an entire journey, a momentary convergence of thoughts, emotions, and sensations. As individuals interact with these visual relics, they are presented not just with a mirror of their external visage, but a reflection of their inner landscapes, their aspirations, and their vulnerabilities.

In this symbiotic relationship, photography becomes a mirror that guides introspection. It encourages a gentle questioning of one's own narrative, peeling back layers of self-perception to reveal the hidden gems within. Through the lens, individuals might witness the raw authenticity of their laughter, the subtle strength in their gaze, or the delicate curve of vulnerability that resides in their expression. These revelations are not just images; they are revelations of the self, moments of self-recognition that kindle a transformative spark.

Kimberley Summers Photography | The Holistic Photographer Shropshire
Kimberley Summers Photography | The Holistic Photographer in Shropshire
Female Photographer Telford | Kimberley Summers Photography
Alternative Photography by Kimberley Summers

A little about me

I am a mother of two beautiful children and I adore my little family - everything I do is for them. I have been a Photographer for 2 years and in March 2023 I left my full time office job and decided to invest my time into my passion... Photography. Kimberley Summers Photography was to become my new career path and I was so excited. 

As well as Photography, I am a Shamanic Practitioner and I have a healing business called Happily Ever Healing. It was really important for me to explore how my photography and holistic work could merge and it was obviously meant to be because it came together so naturally and I have a clear understanding of what I am here to do. 

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E-mail: kimberleysummersphotography@gmail.com

Based in Shropshire - happy to Travel 

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